And it’s called…

I working on it, my new artist name.

Slow, slow going.

So, this post is a brainstorming session. No ideas will be left out until I come up with a nice list to narrow down

I want this name to reflect something of the feeling of the cloth items I produce. I don’t want it to be about my name but rather reflect a quality or material that evokes the physical items that I sell.

materials: wool, silk, linen, rayon, acrylic, bamboo, acid dyes, cotton, indigo, and alpaca

stripes, plaid, tartan, huck lace, overshot, reversible, buttoning, open weave, finger-picked lace, houndstooth, knotted lace fringe, washable, borders, clean lines

Cozy, clean, and useful. Natural, basic, and complimentary. That makes it sound boring doesn’t it? there is color and variety too, but I value the use-ablility and wear-ablility of handmade objects.

Okay. Names. I just looked at Etsy shops that list handwoven as one of their key words and there’s a shop called peskycatdesigns. I’m never gonna think of anything unique that isn’t already done. although I wouldn’t want that name. to silly. Someone did have the name cottoncocoon which I like but maybe it’s not specific enough? or not quite the right mood?

Okay for real now: Simple Silk Studio, Cotton Crafter, furry feline fashions, washable wooly weaver, okay okay I know enough with the alliteration… the gentle weaver, cotton lace studio, heddles and treadles studio, wooly warp creations, sticky warp studio, slippery weft, triangle weft weaving, circles on the graph paper, bending the squares, Mathy-art, curving the line, washable wearable pretty things, cozy creations, comfort buttons, nice things for your neck, weaving light studio, cloth for all occasions, hipster scarves (oh no I don’t make infinity scarves or keffiyeh so that would be false advertising) (might work tho)

okay, that is a list. At least it’s a start. I can work with that.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Rocco Brown says:

    Great post, thanks for sharing!

  2. ely taylor says:

    heddles and treadles is so good!

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