Fair’s Fair

On Saturday November 12th I’ll be at the Toledo Maker’s Mart selling my wares. I am so excited and also a little nervous. I’m not nervous about the fair itself, but about how much weaving and finishing I have left to do before Saturday.

I am so happy that I’m getting a chance to try this weaving thing out for real. I’ve been thinking about it for a long time but I’ve never felt ready. I guess that’s why I jumped in without looking this time. It’s easier to try if you don’t give yourself time to think of all the reasons you might fail.

But I’m not failing. I’m actually selling stuff at a faster rate than I can keep up with right now. That’s amazing, but also so unexpected. If I had started earlier, or expected success, I would have an inventory all ready for this busy season. But I only started thinking about doing this in July, and only started realizing it was really happening about a month ago when I started hearing back about fairs.

Being accepted into the Maker’s Mart and the Detroit Urban Craft Fair suddenly mean I need so much more time to prepare. I don’t have time to worry, all I can do is work hard and hope!

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