january slump

The weather here in Michigan has been just icky. Hovering somewhere just between freezing and not, somewhere just between raining and slush falling from the sky is not my idea of a Michigan winter.

Fortunately my studio is in my basement and terrible weather is perfectly fine if you aren’t leaving the house!

So far this weekend I finished a scarf warp that I’d been putting off for months, measured and started warping a set of yellow-striped towels, and planned out the next few months of production weaving.

I got a few extra hours at the day job to get me through the winter months with no fairs to boost my weaving sales. I’m hoping to get lots of weaving done in spite of that.

I also hope to be updating here regularly. I’m gonna aim for Sundays since I usually have those days off. But next week I’ll be off in Chicago and probably not weaving at all. It’s good to take breaks sometimes (I try to convince myself).

I’ll leave you with a picture of the last market of the 2016 season

Detroit Urban Craft Fair 2016


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