overwhelmed in the basement


My weaving studio is located in the basement of the house my studio-apartment is hosed within. As studios go, it’s pretty basement-y and a little cold in winter. I threw my loom and everything in there last year and haven’t really considered the space much since. All through autumn I was too focused on producing at break-neck pace that I didn’t notice how cramped and inconvenient and, well, stark the space was.

So, this last week or two have been full of terrible things in the news and as much as I’ve been trying to keep informed and active, so much of it makes me want to get in bed and stay. But I have some weaving time scheduled and so instead of bed, I retreat to my basement studio to listen to music and focus on fiber.

I have some super friends who also know me better than I know myself. A couple of them have asked me if my weaving studio was a good space to be in, considering that I spend so much time in it. And I admitted, no, it wasn’t awesome. I couldn’t get sticky-tack or even command-hooks to stick to the painted cinder-block walls. It’s a shared space (laundry in the other room, storage all around) so I don’t wanna drill into anything. So, these wonderful friends sent me a care package with supplies to help me find a way to cover those sadly bare walls.

I spent some time Friday night and Saturday morning switching back and forth between weaving and trying different options for decorating and arranging. I now have a clock and a poster on one wall, next up, hanging a sheet over the other wall so I can pin pictures up in a gallery-wall type-thing.

Good luck out there everyone!

Here’s a soft thing:

bea napping

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