Indigo, Bamboo, and collaboration

Here in my basement weaving studio things can get pretty solitary. I listen to radio and podcasts while I work to bring some human voices into my space, but weaving isn’t a collaborative type of art.

That’s why this current project I’m working on has been so fun, and so challenging. I sent some yarn off to Chicago, to be naturally dyed by the excellent artist Grace Rother. It started like this:


and came back like this:


The pressure was on for me to make something worthy of all the combined work and creative energy in this yarn.

I started with the linen. napkins with the earth-tones and place-mats with that featured highlights of indigo-dyed blue.


Next the bamboo yarn

I decided on a slightly more interesting pattern than when I’ve been doing lately. It seemed okay to spend some extra time on making these scarves because I really want these specially dyed things to be right, almost perfect.


one long scarf, one short one, with fringe. I think they’re okay.


Someday I’ll learn to be happy with what I make. Maybe?

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