Custom House Incubator: a new adventure

Big news!!!!

Earlier in the summer I applied, interviewed, and was offered a place in a brand-new Artisan Incubator program offered by the Cape Breton Centre for Craft and Design in Nova Scotia.

What that means, in practical terms, is that I am packing up my life in Michigan and moving to Canada for a year! The program provides 7 artists with the studios, business training, and infrastructure to turn our craft practice into a livelihood. I’ll be living and working in Port Hawkesbury, NS in an open studio, and weaving every day.

I can’t even begin to say how excited I am to take this leap!

I’m also very nervous.

I’m planning to revive this blog as I get settled in my new digs, and some things might be changing around here… Recent changes in the way Etsy does things mean I may be taking my store off that platform and creating my own? finding another place? we will see…

So things may be quiet while I’m planning and moving. But September will be here soon!


oh P.S. no worries, Bea is coming with me



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