Purple Dragon Scarf – New Work

New work: A two-sided bamboo scarf in teal and purple yarn.

Purple Dragon Scarf

This type of woven pattern is called an unbalanced twill because the warp shows mostly on one side of the cloth and the weft shows mostly on the other side. (Warp is the yarn that I thread into the loom, and weft is the yarn that I weave across the warp threads) The way the purple shimmers through the teal in delicate diamonds makes me think of overlapping scales on some smooth mythical lizard.

I imagine the Dragon is mostly purple on their back, the tops of their arms and legs and tail are all covered in deep purple scales. On the edge of each purple scale there is a thin line of teal, the other side of the scale barely peaking around the purple diamond. And the belly of the Dragon is all teal, the soft underside of their arms and legs is the opposite of the tough outside. Each teal under-scale is lined with a rim of purple, and tiny purple veins snake across the teal surface.

Can you tell I’ve been reading a lot of fantasy and sci-fic lately? Anyway!

Here is the Purple Dragon Scarf

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