Silver Shield Scarf – New Work

I think sometimes in the cold months I add my outer layers like pieces of armor against the invading force of cold. And sometimes I pick beautiful scarves like I’m picking a defense against melancholy. Like the beauty of my clothing will keep the dreary feelings away from my thinnest skin, just like my wind-proof jacket does with icy blasts.

The name of this pattern in my four-harness weaving book is “Gothic Cross”. But I’ve always thought the shapes looked more like an interlocking field of shields, rather than an overly-decorated religious symbol. In this scarf I used silver yarn in the weft and it makes me think of chainmail. But I don’t want to dwell on the military parts of protection, so I imagine soft mail, meant to protect from the elements, self-inflicted wounds, and harsh words. Maybe something beautiful can shield you from the creeping sadness of the winter light.

So, I’ll try to weave a spell of protection into each scarf I make. I hope the cloth keeps your skin warm, and the colors keep the winter blues away. This is the Silver Shield Scarf.

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