Watercolor Wash Scarf – New Work

When I was a kid I remember getting a set of watercolor paints and a notebook filled with nice watercolor paper for Christmas. I was old enough to take the materials a little seriously and I remember watching in fascination as the color from my brush would spread out over the wet surface, until it reached the edge of the brushstroke. The soft color in the middle blended out and pooled next to the edges, a hard line forming between wet and dry. Until I swiped again with my brush and pushed the edge a little further.

I might start with a pool of blue on one corner of the paper, and a stripe of yellow on another. As I worked with them the colors would fade and take on hints of the other. And eventually, what started as two separate areas of color became one sublty-changing wash across the page.

This scarf makes me think of a color wash, that gentle change from yellow to blue. The pattern becoming bold and clear near the edges where the colors are purest, and fading into incoherence in the middle where the mixing occurs. The pattern is the same “gothic cross” as the Silver Shield scarf, but something about the blue weft changes the way it feels. Like it has less structure and more ripples, less edges and more waves.

I’ve made a few scarves recently with this pattern. And although it looks like a very solid pattern on paper, I’ve been fascinated to see how different colors and designs can change the way it looks on the finished cloth. In these little ways I find joy in my weaving. Thanks for reading!

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