New Work: Hanging Garden Day and Night Scarves

Two new scarves this week:

Hanging Garden Night
Hanging Garden Day

These two scarves were made on the same warp, a blue and teal gradient, with a black weft and a white one. They are the last scarves of this season with the “gothic cross” pattern. The light and dark diamonds over the gradient of greens and blues reminds me of the way a garden looks through a decorative fence or iron gate. The solid line of repeating pattern laid over the lush cacophony of green and growing life reminds me of late summer.

As we swing closer and closer to winter, here in Michigan, I’m building up a reserve of green plants in my minds-eye. I’m keeping a picture in my brain of the uncontrollable vines that threatened to over-take the sidewalk on my walk to the library. Another of the tall, colorful wild-flower garden downtown in front of the brightest painted house on the block. Another of the curtain of creepers that flank each side of the pedestrian walkway over the highway. The leaves grow through the chain-link until the metal is no-longer visible. And then the season changes and the silver wires appear again between the yellowing green things.

Thank you for reading.

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