Where is the weird stuff?

Not all my woven goods meet my aesthetic standards for a listing in my Etsy store or a featured post on social media. Sometimes I make cloth without a clear end-product in mind, or use up a scrap for something small and more practical than pretty. 

woven cottolin scrap pot holder with a ribbon detail
embroidery experiment on a woven scrap hot-pad

I’m working on using all the parts of the animal (so to speak) and the things I make with leftover fabric/yarn aren’t always pretty enough for Instagram. But I am proud of these things, they are special in their own way and I’ve been looking for a way to share them. In my Patreon posts I will be writing about the one-offs, the experiments, the funky-not quite how I expected woven things.

If you are curious about the messier parts of my creative process, I’d love to have your support!! You can find me at https://www.patreon.com/TheWovenGood

deflected double weave, experimental wool scarf

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