White Flowers on Pink Scarves

February has two very strong associations for me: the Dar Williams song “February” about the struggle to make it through the winter of a romantic relationship, and Valentine’s Day. These two things are so different, such polar opposites, that I get whiplash looking from one to the other. And that ambivalence is also how I feel about the Valentine’s Day holiday. I love love, but I don’t really celebrate love on this specific day, and February feels more like just the month we struggle through.

A couple of years ago I wove two pink scarves on a whim. I don’t usually make pink things, they don’t sell super well for me and it’s never been my favorite color. But this flower-shaped overshot pattern made sense in white and pink. The bamboo makes that pink yarn shimmer in a way that looks satisfyingly like a soft copper metal sheet in a sunbeam.

So, in order to bring us a little color and joy and love in this cold month, I present some new photos of the pink flower scarves.

Available in my Etsy store here and here until they sell out.

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