New Work: Cottolin Placemats

Cottolin Placemats, white pattern weft, detail

I’ve really been on a crackle weave kick lately.

Cottolin Placemat, white pattern weft

This particular crackle weave pattern reminds me of fans, or fish scales, or sometimes little round faces. I’m always looking for new ways to sneak curves in to the very square shapes that the warp and weft often make. It can be harder to get elegant curves from only 4 harnesses, but these crackle-weave shapes do a good job of tricking the eye into seeing a wavy, circular pattern.

These placemats are made with a lovely cottolin yarn, sett at 24 threads per inch. I must say, I do love weaving delicate shapes with thin, fine yarn, so this was a pleasure. In spite of the thin yarn, these placemats have a sturdy, hard-wearing feel to them, while still being quite soft. (Okay, that’s enough with my love-letter to cottolin)

Cottolin Placemat detail, blue pattern weft

It’s the second week of March and here in Michigan we’ve still got some pretty significant snowdrifts! The snow is falling like sifted powdered sugar outside my window as I type this, so I think this pale blue and off-white color scheme is appropriate. I’ve definitely got a few more projects in this color-way to finish-up before Spring comes in earnest.

On this warp I made 4 placemats with a blue pattern warp and 4 with a white pattern, and they are all listed on my Etsy store, called Bluefin Placemats , to be sold in sets of 2.


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