Fibers, loom waste, and experiments with fringe

Happy May! I’m writing this in April and it’s currently snowing in Ann Arbor. So, while I’m confident that May flowers will arrive, it’s feeling a little gloomy in my studio today. Luckily I’m working on a rainbow warp today, so I have all the colors available to cheer me up.

Rainbow warp in bamboo April 2023

The Ypsi Earth Day fair in April was a lot of fun.

Earth Day Ypsi Fair 2023

However, I made a silly choice to finish a few pieces just the day before the fair. One piece that I finished hemming on Saturday was an experiment in using up loom waste.

Loom waste is the name for the short pieces of warp that are left over when I cut a piece of cloth off the loom. I made a table runner using a hemp warp and linen weft in a natural off-white color. For the pattern yarn, I placed the colorful lengths of loom waste as I wove. The weave was a type of Monks Belt which creates a grid-like, reversible pattern. And I just loved how different and exciting it was to make and look at. But, I forgot to take a finished photo of it! Rookie mistake!

So here it is on the loom, and before I trimmed the fringes/hemmed it:

You can also see it in the photo of the Earth Day Fair table, hiding under a few other runners. This lovely runner went to a good home, so I can’t be too sad about letting it go. I’ll just have to make another experiment scrap-busting weaving in the near future!

On that same warp I did a little experiment with some linen, cotton, and hemp scraps, and I love it! It’s gonna be a table centerpiece or trivet like thing. I think.

It’s squishy and I just wanna squeeze it all-day.

Ok, one more picture of the rainbow warp 🙂

I’ll share the finished shawls when they come off the loom, I promise!


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