My name is Iona. I am a handweaver hailing from Michigan by way of New Hampshire. I spend as much time as I can weaving and sewing and knitting and spinning.

This is a really old picture of me. 2007.
This is a really old picture of me. 2007.

I consider myself an artist and a craftsperson. At Earlham College I took a weaving class during my second year and I was instantly hooked. I picked weaving as the focus of my art major and made my senior project about weaving cloth to be sewn into garments.

working on my weaving senior project at Earlham College. 2008

Since graduating I have been continuing to weave while working in customer service and food service jobs to support myself. In the last ten or so years I have developed a sense of the type of woven goods I prefer to make.

circa 2007. Earlham College

There are still some mysteries for me about the aesthetics of the woven goods I produce. I have found that the ones I find the least appealing end up selling more quickly than ones that I feel confident about.

More senior project. 2008

This might have something to do with my pricing. I probably under-charge for the ones I don’t like since I think they will need help selling. (Actually my friends tell me that I under-charge for all my work. I just can’t bare to charge more than I could afford. So I end up paying myself a couple dollars an hour when I factor in the cost of materials. Sigh. I’m working on it, ya know?)

Infinity scarf and my silly face. 2016