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Indigo, Bamboo, and collaboration April 15, 2017

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Here in my basement weaving studio things can get pretty solitary. I listen to radio and podcasts while I work to bring some human voices into my space, but weaving isn’t a collaborative type of art.

That’s why this current project I’m working on has been so fun, and so challenging. I sent some yarn off to Chicago, to be naturally dyed by the excellent artist Grace Rother. It started like this:


and came back like this:


The pressure was on for me to make something worthy of all the combined work and creative energy in this yarn.

I started with the linen. napkins with the earth-tones and place-mats with that featured highlights of indigo-dyed blue.


Next the bamboo yarn

I decided on a slightly more interesting pattern than when I’ve been doing lately. It seemed okay to spend some extra time on making these scarves because I really want these specially dyed things to be right, almost perfect.


one long scarf, one short one, with fringe. I think they’re okay.


Someday I’ll learn to be happy with what I make. Maybe?


goods woven October 21, 2016

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I got some very tasty apples at the Dixboro Farmer’s Market tonight, if you’re inclined to make things with apples I highly recommend coming out next Friday afternoon. It’s the last market of the season!


I really loved watching all the tiny superheroes and animals and royalty parading around the market and demanding candy tonight.


The wind kept making my displays pretty dynamic, and my fingers pretty numb.

But in spite of the chilly weather, trick-o-treaters and pie-makers were out in force, and I made a few sales.



Happy almost Halloween!


mad Madison September 26, 2016

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I took a vacation to Wisconsin this weekend and got some great inspiration. We mostly walked around the Willy Street area and drank tasty beers, but in between pubs I managed to take in some culture as well…

The best place i stopped in was a little re-sale and antiques store that also sells stuff from local artisans.

I can’t remember it’s name and it isn’t on google maps… just trust me, it was good.

But so I’m inspired to create cute things.

Maybe like more of these?

weavingstuff 010 weavingstuff 004 tumblr_mel4ieIpqR1qh15vro1_500

we’ll see!

I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it September 17, 2016

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In two weeks some exciting things are happening: on Friday September 30th I’m gonna be a the Dixboro Artisan Market selling my stuff.

Towels, washcloths and cloth napkins display 2016

AND on Saturday October 1st (the very next day) I’m gonna have a zine and a tapestry-thing in the Zine Show in Ypsi!
I’m gonna post more things when they get closer but I’m just so pumped for the fall and all the things coming up!
Alright, back to the studio.

Shooting stars September 16, 2016

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embroidering fun:


I’m thinking it might be a pot holder. It’s gonna be cute.

May is so over wool May 13, 2014

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The blanket is finally off the loom! On the hottest, muggiest day so far this spring…

Wool Blanket 1 Wool Blanket detail 2 Wool Blanket 2 Wool Blanket 3 Wool Blanket Detail 3

next steps include washing, sewing the two halves together, and tying up the fringe

Re-branding, re-evaluating: Oh, what’s in a name? February 6, 2014

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I’ve always been unhappy with my Etsy shop name, Ionart. When I started it selling on Etsy I used the first thing I could think of, assuming I’d think of a better “business” name before I got serious about stuff.

Now, I’m not sure I want to get too serious about selling my woven pieces.  I like to weave. I know I’ll never be able to support myself through weaving but I will always continue to do it for the joy of making. So I wouldn’t mind of the things I sold made enough to buy materials for the next project.

But back to the name; every time I think of promoting my shop, or printing business cards, or applying to craft fairs, I hesitate. I don’t want to have Ionart on my banner, or my business cards. I don’t want to create a logo for tags or signs that relates to that name. But I just haven’t been able to think of anything better.

The task I am setting for myself is this: find out what ties all the things I weave together (besides me). What makes my stuff unique? Let the brainstorm being!

A change in the wind April 27, 2013

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The feeling of pulling a scarf off the loom could never be any more satisfying than when the warp has been difficult and the loom has broken down at least once. Four months is a long time to work on such an un-complicated weave pattern but I do have my excuses. I love the way plaids look but since I only have two shuttles and was using four colors I got frustrated with constantly switching bobbins in and out.

But it is finished.

pile of red plaid scarf

I have other reasons to have feelings about the end of this piece of weaving. I am moving, but not moving. I am packing all my earthly belongings and putting them in a storage unit for the summer. Taking only a backpack of essentials and embarking on my summer of adventures. I am being braver than I have been in a very long time.

These plaid pieces of fabric are the last things I will weave for at least another four months. For some reason that time seems even longer without my loom.

The first scarf has been washed and the second one has been turned into a patch.

Plaid scarf done2 Howling Patch 2

As I feared the different types of material shrunk at different rates causing some bits of the plaid to pull in and some to bubble out. But a hot iron really ironed out the problem. heh.

So now I am folding up the back beam of my loom and getting ready to send her off to the storage unit. Excited and nervous are playing tug of war and my heart is the flag tied to the center of the rope. If I can keep them balanced I might just be standing when the adventure starts.

Howling Away April 10, 2013

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Howling Away

A little weaving teaser till my tonsils heal and I can finish it.

Let’s try something new shall we? April 1, 2013

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I finished one scarf with my plaid warp and I’m starting a new one. But this one is going to be a little different. You see, my friends just started a band and named it the howling loud. I just love that, the howling loud, it sounds cavernous and spooky and a little bit like falling into the abyss.

So I thought about trying to make a thing for them. Not that I expect them to wear it. I just want to make lately. It’s good, this feeling.

So here is a teaser:

The Howling Loud Plaid Project

It’s different isn’t it.

Different can be good.