Senior Project

My Senior Project for my BA at Earlham:

Senior Show 1

Four pieces of clothing based on the rectangle-shape that the loom creates.

Senoir Show with people

Four different cultures versions of the loom-shaped garment.

First a poncho

Senior Project Poncho1

Senior Project Poncho worn1

The weave was simple, and the wool was thick

Senior Project Poncho detail1

It was one long rectangle folded and sewn as one piece.

Second was a kilt in the traditional Scottish style.


Again is was one long strip of plaid folded and folded and folded around the body.

The pattern was a simple twill, but the wool was finer, the colors muted.

Senior Project Kilt Fabric detail1

Third was the kimono.

Senior Project Kimono in Show

The weave was plain but the cotton was incredibly fine.

ikat on the loom

The dyeing process involved natural indigo dye and a simplified ikat technique.

Senior Project Kimono Robe detail1

The long, long piece was cut into sections and sewn together.

Indigo Ikat Robe
Indigo Ikat Robe

And finally the fourth piece was the sari:

Sari, silk, senoir project

Working with silk was intimidating and expensive so I practiced the pattern on a scarf before threading the monster fabric that filled the entire width of the loom.

Senior Project Practice Scarf, Red Silk, Jasper Arts

I started on the hand-picked end-piece

Sari side detail

Sari on the Loom
Sari on the Loom

The final product was six yards of cloth

Senior Show Sari cloth1  Senior Show Sari cloth2

wrapped around the body

Senior Project Sari1

After the show some of those fabrics moved on to become different objects.

Extra Fabric became:

button scarf 1 plaid skirt plaid scarf

Extra Warp became:

silk blue and gold lace scarf Ikat Scarf Blue Ikat Scarf 2

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