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Towels! sent off into the world September 22, 2015

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I just put my latest batch of bamboo towels in the mail! Here they are:

IMG_0088    IMG_0103  IMG_0110   IMG_0117 Bamboo Towels 2015     IMG_0140

I sold them to a Detroit soap-maker who is packaging them together with her soap at the markets she attends.

Here’s her page on that social networking site

Next things next…

Towels and Time September 9, 2015

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sleepy kitty

i’ve finally been weaving a lot and sadly blogging not enough in the last six months. ooops!

Here’s what’s been happening in my world/studio:

I got tags printed!

and sold some placemats (with the new labels!)


I made some wash cloths and towels for another Michigan creator; a soap-maker based in Detroit who sells her soaps with my towels at farmer’s and artisan markets in the area.


IMAG0691 IMAG0693


And I’m working on a second set of towels in some exciting colors:


Coming up in the next two months are a small vendor fair based on “green” living (I think bamboo counts? It’s renewable at least…)


and a zine show and art showcase. Not sure what I’m putting in that show yet. We’ll see.

oh and here’s my new shop name:

The Woven Good-logo

Maybe this one will stick?

Studio Pictures April 10, 2015

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I got a camera! I didn’t get to the studio before the light was kinda low, but here are some pictures!

loom!2015 IMG_0008 IMG_0005 IMG_0013

and I’m just about to start an exciting big project!

I have a studio space! April 4, 2015

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But I don’t have a camera.

Here is a cell phone picture of the cloth napkins I’ve been making

Green Cotton/rayon/silk napkins

Also, I have an exciting project coming up next, and camera coming in the mail soon!

Quick cotton cloth October 28, 2014

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beginning green cotton cloth

new project on the loom!

bea in the window bea napping

and some cat pictures

It’s been too long. I will be weaving again soon (thank god for radiotopia).

Hot Hot Wooly Heat June 26, 2014

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Heddles and Treadles Weaving it is!

I changed my Etsy shop to Ionagiddingsweaving with the title Heddles and Treadles… I’m pretty happy with it. well. we’ll see. I still need some kind of logo or art for a banner and esp. business cards. People with better illustration skills are being commissioned so that should show up in the next couple of months! Yay! Exciting!

In other news  totally finished the blue blanket. It is all sewn and washed and fringed and ironed. So here is where I would normally post a picture… Guys, I don’t have a good camera. I’ve been using my fancy intelligent phone which has a pretty good camera for a phone… but it’s a phone, ya know?

Also I don’t have a good space with a neutral back drop and good lighting to take pictures in. I know, whine whine whine. but pictures make everything more compelling on the internets so that’s part of my excuse for not updating much…


I am moving next week! eek! moving with a loom is always an adventure. so. after I get settled in (this move is going to involve building a loft-thingy for my bed) I will start weaving again. til then!

Names Part Two May 16, 2014

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Okay, I’ve got three names that I like. not sure which I want… here are the things:


Heddles and Treadles

Warp Curve Weaving

Cotton Combs


I like Heddles and Treadles for the sound of it mostly. It is pretty generic but simple enough for my taste…

I like Warp Curve for the sound and for the extra “warp” meaning from star trek. Sounds space-y and nerdy. That’s so me!

I was thinking of honeycomb and bees and I think there might be some really nice design options with Cotton Combs. And I loved learning about beekeeping last summer so, applicable to my interests. And they are also carding combs for spinning fiber which I also do. so.

Hmm. more pondering to be done.

May is so over wool May 13, 2014

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The blanket is finally off the loom! On the hottest, muggiest day so far this spring…

Wool Blanket 1 Wool Blanket detail 2 Wool Blanket 2 Wool Blanket 3 Wool Blanket Detail 3

next steps include washing, sewing the two halves together, and tying up the fringe

And it’s called… April 5, 2014

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I working on it, my new artist name.

Slow, slow going.

So, this post is a brainstorming session. No ideas will be left out until I come up with a nice list to narrow down

I want this name to reflect something of the feeling of the cloth items I produce. I don’t want it to be about my name but rather reflect a quality or material that evokes the physical items that I sell.

materials: wool, silk, linen, rayon, acrylic, bamboo, acid dyes, cotton, indigo, and alpaca

stripes, plaid, tartan, huck lace, overshot, reversible, buttoning, open weave, finger-picked lace, houndstooth, knotted lace fringe, washable, borders, clean lines

Cozy, clean, and useful. Natural, basic, and complimentary. That makes it sound boring doesn’t it? there is color and variety too, but I value the use-ablility and wear-ablility of handmade objects.

Okay. Names. I just looked at Etsy shops that list handwoven as one of their key words and there’s a shop called peskycatdesigns. I’m never gonna think of anything unique that isn’t already done. although I wouldn’t want that name. to silly. Someone did have the name cottoncocoon which I like but maybe it’s not specific enough? or not quite the right mood?

Okay for real now: Simple Silk Studio, Cotton Crafter, furry feline fashions, washable wooly weaver, okay okay I know enough with the alliteration… the gentle weaver, cotton lace studio, heddles and treadles studio, wooly warp creations, sticky warp studio, slippery weft, triangle weft weaving, circles on the graph paper, bending the squares, Mathy-art, curving the line, washable wearable pretty things, cozy creations, comfort buttons, nice things for your neck, weaving light studio, cloth for all occasions, hipster scarves (oh no I don’t make infinity scarves or keffiyeh so that would be false advertising) (might work tho)

okay, that is a list. At least it’s a start. I can work with that.

Spring is halfway here March 21, 2014

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And I’m halfway done with the wool houndstooth blanket


Just starting the second panel.


What should come next?


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