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The business of art August 24, 2016

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Working on some tags and cards:

CIG_IMG008I edited down a photo of my weaving

So this is my logo, for now:



doing some photo shoot action for etsy listings



I haven’t finished the whole batch. I was gonna list a bunch of colors of washcloths under one item with lots of options, now I’m not sure…

and here’s the super glamorous behind the scenes:


Next up:

white and red bamboo towels for a commission!

Making a few small steps and other things August 24, 2016

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So in the last few days I’ve been taking time away from actual weaving to spend some time on what feels like the most boring and grueling part of trying to be a weaver, selling my stuff.

I’ve never been one to enjoy self-promotion, always to to my own detriment. And now that I’m working part-time and starting to rely on my weaving income to actually support myself I finally need to focus on this stuff. I guess I don’t mind designing displays and photographing my work. It’s really the process of contacting stores, applying to fairs and researching venues that is getting me down.

I spent all yesterday¬†afternoon on my computer doing that “fun” stuff. I have more to do, but today after my day job, I’ve marked¬†all the rest of the day to just weave and be in the studio. I can’t wait! I’m working on a project that I like but I’m planning for a project that I’m in love with. The excitement is getting me through the tough stuff, I think.

Anyways, sorry for the text heavy update. More pictures and fun stuff next time!

Pizza and Kitchen Towels August 17, 2016

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I made pizza. It was delicious, and only made my apartment too hot for about an hour before the thunderstorms moved in and cooled the air.

Also, I’m starting a set of commissioned towels…

warping white towels with red stripes

Pizza dough and washcloths August 15, 2016

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Today I made pizza dough. tomorrow I’ll make pizza.

Yesterday I finished one batch of washcloths, tomorrow I’ll finish another batch.

The day after that I’m expecting the colors of bamboo yarn that I need to start on a set of commissioned towels. Plenty happening in the woven good studio these days…



washcloth weaving progess August 13, 2016

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packaging ideas


packaging ideas

Photoshoot August 12, 2016

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I’m working on some photos for my Etsy site and some applications to markets around the Ann Arbor area.


Blog Update August 11, 2016

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I’m currently in the process of uploading some posts from the spring which I drafted and never posted. There may suddenly be posts in the past that didn’t exist yesterday. Don’t worry, it’s all okay.

I’ve switched around my daily life a little so I’ll be posting here more often than in the last few years. See you all soon!

Spring Towel and washcloth batch July 16, 2016

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Sending out another batch to sell with soap!


bamboo towels and washcloths ready to go!


Infinite Scarf April 21, 2016

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Here it is:


Infinity scarf and my silly face.

my face!

And here is a sneak peak of the square scarf:


Infinity scarf and my silly face.

Both of these are made from bamboo yarn. The infinity scarf uses a pretty twill that really pops on the blue warp stripe. For the square scarf I tried a slightly textured weave. I will be sending these out pretty soon!

Square towels and Infinity! April 4, 2016

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Got a commission to make an infinity scarf and a square scarf. Never really done either before so here goes!


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