On the loom

I’m finishing up some cottolin towels to ship off to Process Low Waste Shop in Stevens Point, WI.

The strange pandemic economy meant that I had to improvise a little with the colors/types of yarn I was able to get this time. These towels will look a bit different than the last batch I made, because there is more variation in color and fiber content. Last night I was weaving while I listened to a panel discussion with three amazing weavers hosted by the Haystack Mountain School of Crafts. One of the common themes was the joy and importance(ecologically) of working with what materials we have on-hand. 

I often think I work best within constraints, whether self-imposed or external. They force me to step outside what is easy for me and make me look at things from other angles. (I have more thoughts on the ecologically-inspired use of “waste materials” in weaving practice, but more on that later) So, I’m pretty proud of how this batch of towels is turning out, even if it’s different than how I planned.

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