Preparing for Craft Fairs and the gift of relaxing

This week I’ve got a whole bunch of sewing to do. Washcloths, towels and (trumpet noise) eye pillows are back!

pile of eye pillows waiting to be filled

I’ve been slowly gathering bits and pieces of cloth, extra fabric from scarf warps, washcloth/towel ends, colorways that didn’t work the way I wanted, and samples for future projects. All these scraps end up in some bulk food jars that are living in the studio because they are a little too big for my kitchen counters this year. I love the way the colors mix and push agains the glass, just begging to be made into “something, anything!”

jars of cloth bits

So this week I’m bringing back an old favorite, bamboo eye pillows filled with beans and this year a very gentle herbal mix ( a hint of lavender and some other smells) for relaxation. I’ll be sewing these washcloths and towels, finishing another set of red towels, and sewing together and filling some eye pillows. It’s really starting to feel like holiday-time in the workshop, and this elf is ready for it!

Here is my sewing table covered in washcloths waiting to be hemmed, care tags with the new logo, and a pile of eye pillows waiting to be filled.

Of course, I’ve saved myself an eye pillow so I can relax after the busy season is over. Okay, thanks for reading!

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