New Work and a New Logo

A little while ago I took a break from my normal weaving routine to weave something a little different.

One of the things I love about weaving is planning and creating intricate woven patterns on cloth goods with my loom. But this focus on pattern can often mean that I’ve made all the creative decisions before I start measuring my warp. I determine the placement of the design, the colors, the size, and shape all before the yarn touches the back-beam. And although I usually find this process fulfilling, every once in a while I like to weave in a more intuitive way.

Table runner with excess yarn scraps

This table runner is made with a warp and weft of natural-colored hemp yarn, and the colorful design is made using an inlay technique with short pieces of yarn. The short yarn fragments are the leftovers from previous weaving projects. They are part of the weaving process and I’m always looking for ways to make my art waste into art itself. I’m planning a few more pieces like this, probably some color studies and experimenting with what shapes I can perfect.

And in other news…

I have a new logo:

I’m happy to have something professionally designed and I love the way the shuttle morphs into threads. 

Thanks for reading!

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