December Holiday times and home-delivery to Ann Arbor

As the year shrinks to an end I am looking at my smaller and smaller piles of woven goods and feeling so happy! I always wonder, at the beginning of the holiday season, if I’ve made anything that a person would want to take home. I go through moods with my work. Some days I can’t find anything redeeming in it, and other days I inspire myself!

Wool Blanket in the summer sun. 2019

I am offering local delivery for Ann Arbor and places within a 20 minute drive of the city. I know how everyone has been trying to think ahead, buy presents early and get them in the mail with a little extra travel-time. And that’s great! It helps out the delivery-drivers and small makers and our lovely USPS. But also, I know people. I know how pressure builds during this time of year, and I want to help! If you didn’t manage to get all the gifts you had planned, and you live nearby, check out my Etsy store to see what I have in-stock.

a peek at my online store (Dec 14, 2021)

Happy December!

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