New Work: Lace Bamboo Shawls

I have always loved purple. If you ask me, I’ll say it’s my favorite color. One of the things I like is purple’s inconsistency. It covers a spectrum of shades from warm to cool that is unlike almost any other color. The warm dusky-mauve at the end of a pink sunset can be one type of purple while nearly-blue periwinkle flowers somehow also claim the same color. That ineffable quality is probably part of why I love it so much. Purple can also be a finicky color to use or wear or capture in art. But even so, I try to make as many purple accessories and woven goods as I can. I’m doing my part to put purple into people’s lives.

So, I’m happy to report that 3 of the 4 shawls in this update contain purple! The first two in this post are mostly purple with accents of silver and black. The lace details on these shawls let the individual warp and weft colors peak out from the color-mixing on the rest of the fabric.

The third shawl in this post is silver and black with large lace windowpanes along the whole length. I love purple, but I will admit that it doesn’t go with every other color. So this shawl is probably the most versatile of the whole bunch.

And the last shawl in this post is mostly black with two subtle stripes of a deep, dark indigo-tinged purple. It is only purple in the right light, at the right time of day. Mysterious and changeable, that color.

Silver and Purple Windowpane Lace Shawl

Purple Windowpanes and Blocks Lace Shawl

Silver and Black Windowpane Lace Shawl

Midnight Black Lace Shawl

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